Morgantown Area Partnership Annexation Task Force Update

(November 8, 2019) – The Morgantown Area Partnership’s (Partnership) Annexation Task Force, formation in July, resulted in the City of Morgantown hitting the pause button on its efforts to execute the proposed minor boundary modification annexation. The City agreed that additional discussion and research into impacts is welcome prior to taking official action on the annexation. The City has not placed a specific deadline on the pause but has recognized that it could take several months and it is essential to evaluate feedback and involve the public.

Since its creation, the Annexation Task Force directed Partnership staff to gather information on the proposed annexation that would include but not limited to:

  • annexation laws in WV;
  • potential financial impacts to the City, as well as those who are included in the proposed annexation;
  • potential benefits or negatives for businesses inside the proposed annexation area and for the City;
  • identify what other groups are presenting on this issue (both for and against); and
  • identify potential alternatives to the proposed annexation.

The collection of this information involves different methods, such as direct meetings with the City and opposition groups, materials published by others, legal research, gathering of reports, and pure data collection. These efforts are ongoing. Informally, Task Force Members represent a diverse group of private sector individuals who have discussed this issue with many others in the community.

This subject has generated strong negative reaction from many businesses and individuals inside the proposed annexation area. Therefore, it is important that the Task Force take its time to review the information being gathered and produce a report that presents its findings in context and in agreement with the Partnership Board.

The need for a visioning process for the City and the entire County is apparent. The Partnership is about collaboration and innovation, and our value proposition includes the endeavor to gain consensus on where we want to go as a community.

The Task Force does not have a specific deadline for completion of its task but will continue to work diligently on the issue and keep you informed with updates.

The following Partnership Board members have been appointed to serve on the Annexation Task Force:

  • Damian Ferek
  • Pat Martin
  • Kimberly Moyers
  • Mark J. Nesselroad
  • Edward Phillips
  • Craig Walker
  • Tom Witt
  • Sarah Woodrum
  • Russell Rogerson – Partnership Staff

About the Morgantown Area Partnership:
The Morgantown Area Partnership is a business organization that is focused on wealth growth for all entities in Monongalia County, WV. It is a newly formed public/private alliance for the betterment of economic, business, and community development in the area. The Partnership encompasses four entities including the Morgantown Area Chamber of Commerce, the Monongalia County Development Authority, the Morgantown Area Economic Partnership, and the Campus Neighborhoods Revitalization Corporation (Sunnyside Up). The Partnership takes a holistic approach to economic growth and focuses on creative, strategic solutions to our growing community.




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