Neighborhood Projects

CNRC’s principal aim has been to develop plans that will upgrade, replace and build new infrastructure (water, sewer, sidewalks, streets) to meet the demands of burgeoning growth and development in this neighborhood.

Early Years – AD Hoc Projects

Prior to having Sunnyside designated as a TIF district, CNRC focused on smaller, non-infrastructure grants to improve building façades, dumpster painting, the “Learn Not to Burn” campaign, and general cleanup projects including clearing trash and brush.


Streetscape Project on Grant Avenue

The first TIF Project occurred from 2010-2011 and was a Streetscape Project on Grant Avenue between Campus Drive and Third Street. The project included improvements to roadway, sidewalks, lighting, fencing, retaining walls, and the installation of a bus stop shelter and benches

Total Project Cost: $1.7 million

Contractor: Tony Baiano Construction Co., Inc.

Engineer: Gannet Flemming, Inc.

Reconfiguration of University Avenue at Beverly Avenue and Third

The second TIF project was put into motion after University Place, a $70 million mixed-use development occupying the entire 2000 block of University Avenue, caught and held the attention of the CNRC Board of Directors as it began to think through Sunnyside’s most important infrastructure needs and commitments over the coming decade.

Planning and design began in May 2013. Construction on the second TIF Project occurred from 2015-2017 and was an intersection improvement project at University Avenue and Third Street. This TIF Project entailed a major reconfiguration of University Avenue at Beverly Avenue and Third Street. Infrastructure upgrades required the lowering of University Avenue by approximately six feet to bring it down to the level of the Beverly Avenue and Third Street intersections. A streetlight and pedestrian crossing was included in the reconfiguration of University Avenue.

Total Project Cost: $2.5 million

Contractor: Reclaim Company and Wolfe Landscapes Plus

Engineer: AECOM

The photos featured on this page reflect the extent to which the sheer physical presence and size of University Place made demands for infrastructure upgrades in Sunnyside. From streets and sidewalks to deep public services such as storm water, potable water, and sewer, the University Place development reconfigured the landscape of Sunnyside in both the short and long terms. Several other private development projects were completed in the immediate area of the intersection upgrades, which included American Campus Communities, University Place Parking Garage, and Townhomes at University Place.


A view of the intersection of University Avenue, Beverly Avenue and Third Street following construction. A streetlight and pedestrian crossing have also been added to the intersection.

2-Phase Beverly Avenue Project

This project consists of constructing roadway, sidewalk, lighting and storm sewer improvements along Beverly Avenue and the Alleyway behind Beverly, as well as improvements to 4th Street between Beverly Avenue and the Alleyway. Improvements also include soldier pile lagging wall, landscaping and dumpster pads with enclosures.

A subsequent phase (3B) is in the design phase; that phase will include upgrades to the intersection between Beverly Avenue and 6th Street.

Estimated Total Project Cost: $4.5-5 million (Construction for Phase 3A, $2.2 million)

Contractor: Green River Group (Phase 3A)

Engineer: Herbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc.

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