Generation Morgantown

An affiliate with Generation WV, Generation Morgantown is dedicated to attracting, retaining and advancing young talent in the greater Morgantown area.

The group’s purpose is to cultivate a community of young professionals and leaders within Morgantown, WV and surrounding areas.  They achieve this goal by facilitating opportunities for social interaction, networking and encouraging positive business development through programming and mentorship.

Generation Morgantown is run by a volunteer-led board that meets regularly. We welcome folks from all ages and backgrounds, but our work is targeted toward young people ages 18-40. For the latest events, please follow Generation Morgantown on Facebook.



Generation Morgantown is governed by an Advisory Board consisting of ten individuals representing the following industries which exist in Morgantown: legal, banking, entrepreneurs, higher education, health care, community service, media and development.

The Advisory Board has identified the following goals:

Bridging the Gap

Because Morgantown has a significant population of college students and established community members, the Advisory Board recognizes that individuals between the ages of 25 and 45 often feel excluded or displaced. Generation Morgantown will encourage young professionals and leaders who have completed their education but are not yet established in their respective careers to become involved in the community.


A significant population of talented young professionals and leaders already exists in Morgantown and efforts to encourage them to stay in Morgantown are critical. Generation Morgantown will offer opportunities for mentorship, community service and networking so that existing young talent will feel invested in Morgantown.


Success is never achieved alone, and mentorship is a key component of business and professional development. Therefore, the Advisory Board has included those who are young at heart in its definition of “young”. The Advisory Board will encourage involvement in Generation Morgantown by individuals who have demonstrated success and those who represent themselves and their organizations well. The Advisory Board will also identify programming opportunities for successful and established professionals and leaders to share their experiences with Generation Morgantown’s membership.

Community Service
Encouraging the involvement of young professionals in community service projects and non-profit boards will help individuals feel further invested in Morgantown. Generation Morgantown will encourage the preservation and continuation of existing charitable efforts and the development of new efforts by identifying new talent to work with community service projects.


Because individuals who feel invested in their community are less likely to leave, Generation Morgantown will provide opportunities for young professionals to socialize so that they may meet new friends and business contacts.

First Fridays

First Fridays help bridge the gap between student and professional life, and recruit young talent.

While the primary goal of the First Friday event is to provide a venue for social interaction among the young and talented professionals in the greater Morgantown area, these events are an exceptional opportunity to create valuable business networks as well as build new friendships.


For more information, you can reach a Generation Morgantown representative via Facebook, or visit

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