2023 Safety Strategy

2023 Safety Strategy

The Main Street Morgantown Board of Directors adopted the Safety Strategy & Implementation Plan on February 15, 2023.  The goal of the plan is to:

  • Reduce behavior that infringes on the safety and wellbeing of all
  • Support a welcoming downtown environment
  • Collaborate to dismantle root causes leading to loitering, unsafe drug use, crime, and assault

The plan is a collaborative framework for advancing safety concerns within the strategic areas of:

    1. Public Safety
    2. Health & Sanitation
    3. Property Safety & Security
    4. Contribute to solving root causes negatively impacting downtown safety



Main Street Morgantown facilitates focus and accountability with and among our partners. Below are advancements since our collaborative initiative began:

  • Increased engagement from City, County, and WVU as Safety Strategy advances
  • Newly formed Safety Committees by City, WVU, and MSM and increased coordination with one another
  • Increased communication, responsive and tightened coordination between City Departments: (Morgantown Police Department, Public Works, Code Enforcement, City Ambassadors)

Public Safety

  • Downtown “directed patrol” assignments by Morgantown Police Department, inclusive of Wharf and Trails (as of 3/4/23)
    • In Q4, an increase in staffing has allowed MPD to sustain downtown directed patrol program, increasing responsiveness and enforcement.
  • Increased partnership between MPD, Campus Police, and MECCA to address coverage during staff shortage
  • Hiring of Police Social Worker to MPD (as of 7/23)
  • De-escalation specialists responding via Police and Peers collaboration (as of 6/23)
  • Addition of MPD bike trail patrol
  • Installation of at least half of the 70+ public safety cameras planned district-wide
  • Safety Index to measure and assess safety under development

Health & Sanitation

  • Program development in health and sanitation, including Walnut Street Trash Services Pilot
  • Coordination of monthly volunteer litter pickups (as of 4/23)
  • Collaboration with City Ambassadors, MSM, and WVU Civic Engagement to address litter during high-traffic times (parades, game days, downtown events)
  • Increased focus and coordination from the city regarding litter control, pest control, and power washing
  • Morgantown 311 app to report non-emergency issues

Property Safety & Security

  • Increased focus, coordination, and follow through from the city regarding code enforcement
  • Quarterly updates to Landlords’ Association
  • Informational resources under development to assist property owners. View Resource Handbook (pdf).

Contribute to Solving Root Causes

  • Research and be engaged in stakeholder problem solving

Thank you to our Investor Partners