This Holiday Season: Keep It Local Morgantown!

You can help support local Morgantown Area Businesses and beyond…. with #KeepItLocalMorgantown.

The positive impact of local spending is real. When you purchase, visit and recommend area-made local products and services, you help the local economy in a sustainable way.

For every $100 spent at a local business, $48 stays in the local economy. When spending $100 with a remote online store such as Amazon, only $1 stays local.

The perks of Keeping it Local are practically endless.  Local businesses are run by local people, meaning they are more likely to give you a personal and friendly service. It may turn out that the person who runs the shop also happens to live on the same road as you. Not only this, but you have a better idea of the person behind the product! Connections such as this keep the community connected.

Not only does shopping local guarantee you a better service but it also benefits the small business. Your purchase might be the difference between a business owner being able to afford swimming lessons for their children. You have the comfort of knowing that your money makes a difference.

Local businesses are the heartbeat of a community. It is often these small businesses that give an area its charm and reputation. So this Holiday Season celebrate our local businesses by Keeping it Local!

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Let’s Shop Local for the Holidays!

As many of us agonize over what we will get our family, friends, co-workers, and furry pals for the Holidays, why not think local first?!

Why Choose Local?

  • You get a personal touch in your gifts
  • Shopping local keeps business dreams alive
  • It creates local jobs
  • Local non-profits receive 350% more donations from local businesses
  • Its better for the environment
  • Business taxes goes back into our community
  • There’s a story behind every business and their products/services

Most importantly, we need to spend our dollars as locally as possible.

The Morgantown Area Partnership encourages you to Keep It Local. We believe that if we all look for ways to shop locally we will help shape the greater Morgantown area and all of North Central West Virginia’s future, not only for business but for the entire community. Let’s help each other!

Not sure what local options are out there? Never fear, we are here! You can learn about local businesses on our website AND/OR join us on social media for our Keep it Local Morgantown campaign (Nov 21st-Dec 31st!).

Thank you to our Investor Partners