Member Testimonials

“The Morgantown Area Chamber of Commerce has been a great resource and networking tool for Insurance Centers. Whether helping to promote our 50-Year Anniversary celebration or hosting the various Chamber events, our relationship with the Chamber has allowed our employees to be more active in the community, which has helped to strengthen and grow our agency. The Chamber provides resources, tools and events that can benefit any Morgantown business, large or small.”

– Shannon Armstrong, VP of Commercial Production
Insurance Centers, Inc.


“Joining the Morgantown Area Chamber of Commerce has been my best marketing investment. A large portion of my active clients have come directly from the relationships I have built through the chamber. Fellow chamber members are some of my best clients!

“Through Chamber promotions, monthly business after hours, and educational seminars, I have expanded my network of fellow professionals many times over. The MACC is an invaluable local force that advocates for, supports and promotes its local business owners.

“Creating a successful business is all about building relationships and getting involved in your community. I encourage any business owner, small or large, to join, get involved and watch your business opportunities grow.”

– Julie Mills, Founder & Owner
All Squared Away Professional Organizing

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